Brandspot, Communication and Services, is a multidisciplinary branding company, created in 2006, in order to design and produce a wide range of communication projects for companies, products and services.

Based on a vast experience on projects development, both in Portugal and in other countries around the world, our services offer a solid advantage to every company or institution that needs to create, restyle or activate a brand or product.

This is why we have been consolidating and expanding our client network, on which we would also like to include you.

Our services offer a solid advantage to every company or institution that needs to create, restyle or activate a brand or product...

We reach expectations not only in Portugal.

We develop projects in countries such as Angola, Brazil, USA, France, Macau and United Arab Emirates.

In most of these countries we have the technical and logistical means to carry out successfully a wide range of production projects with handling, assembly, storage and support.


We work worldwide mainly through strategic partnerships with companies in the areas of Trading, Consulting, Investors and Distribution Groups.

Together we explored opportunities, developing a wide range of branding and communication projects, with great success, boosting ideas and business, creating added value for partners and customers.

These partnerships have proved to be a strong mutual advantage, so we focus to expand our range of contacts in this area.

Discover the advantages we can bring to your business.